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Q: Do you offer Free Estimates before you start?

A: Yes.  We offer a written estimate prior to any work beginning.  Our prices will be clearly indicated on the estimate.  We charge by the Square Foot not by the room.

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Q: Are the advertisements for "3 rooms for $49" legit?

A: It depends on the firm. Certainly, you'll get a very cursory cleaning at that price. The companies can't make money at those prices, so they're counting on their ability to sell you on enough extras to make the job profitable.

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Q:  I recently had my carpets cleaned by someone who offered a bargain three-room rate. When he was finished, the bill was surprisingly large. He said there's a substantial extra charge for steps. Is that standard?
A: Stairs are more labor intensive, and most firms charge for them separately on a per-step basis. Prices vary enormously on this item, with the so-called bargain firms often charging the highest rates. This helps them compensate for the low-ball prices in their ads. Buyer beware! Stick with reputable firms and check all prices up front.

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Q: My carpet has a strong pet odor--even after cleaning. Should I pay extra for deodorizing?

A: The cleaning itself is the best way to deodorize. If the smell persists, it means that urine or other odor-causing agents have made it into the carpet backing or pad. To remove the odors, this may require additional chemicals which remove odor at the source not just cover it up.  This may or may not require additional charges.

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Q: Is your product safe to use at my home or office?

A: Our products are fully biodegradable and say so on the containers. We have material safety data sheets (msds)  for you if you wish to see what the ingrediants are before you instruct us. In the event we need to use a solvent for a stubborn stain we will always check to see if anyone would have a reaction to the product. We very rarely have any difficulties as our cleaning products are continually updated and state of the art.

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Q: Do you offer 24hr Emergency Service?

A: Yes, but in most cases there is no need to contact us for simple stains and small spillage.  If however, you have flood or water damage, we will respond as quickly as possible. Call us for some ideas on what you can do to save yourself some money until we can get out there to help.

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Q: What kind of payment methods do you offer?

A: We accept Checks payable to Ken Matthews  & Cash.

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